Fiscal, Demographic, and Performance Data on California’s K-12 Schools

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New on Ed-Data

2019-20 cohort graduation and dropout rates and teacher salary data! Plus, we've updated our ACT and AP test graphs.


What's new:

New 2019-20 cohort graduation/dropout rates and data on students meeting UC/CSU eligibility requirements are now available. We have also updated the Teacher Salary section of the Staff Profile with 2019-20 data. And we have updated the AP and ACT graphs.

2019-20 Teacher Salary Data

Visit the Teacher Salary section under the Staff tab for the latest data on average teacher salaries, lowest and highest salaries offered, benefits plans, teacher experience, and more. Teacher salary data are available at the district level, with one overview graph in the state profile. 

Image of teacher salaries section

2019-20 Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate Data

Visit the College and Career Readiness section of the Student Profile to find graduation and dropout rates as well as how many students met the course requirements for admission to UC/CSU. These data are available for schools, districts, counties and at the state level. You can toggle between counts and percentages and drill into the graph for details by race/ethnicity or for students with disabilities, homeless, migrant and foster youth, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and more. At the district, county and state levels, you can drill in further to view data for all students or separate out students in charter schools or traditional public schools. 

Image of cohort graphs on Ed-Data

We have also added a new graph that shows the total number of students in the cohort, including details by race/ethnicity and other characteristics as well as whether the students are in charter schools. 

Updated AP and ACT Test data

Also in College Career Readiness data, you will now find data for the AP tests and the ACT updated through 2018-19. Data are available at the school, district, county and state levels. We are still working to update our SAT graphs to accommodate changes to how the data are now reported. 

2018-19 Staff Demographic Data 

Click the Staff tab to view updated data on teachers, administrators and pupil-services staff at the school, district county and state level. 

Picture of staff tab on Ed-Data

(Note: The latest available data on certificated staff is for the 2018-19 school year. However, you can find some 2019-20 data for classified staff on the California Department of Education's DataQuest website.)


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